Avast yer landlove’n laziness!
I be Cap’n Wesley, the leader of these scurvy dogs.  If ye be on the lookout to join me crew then ready yerself for some smartly swag but if the Redcoats is what ye be look’n fer then be ye warned, ye aint no bucko of the Cap’n.

There is a lot to see me hartees, at the Pirates Cove.  There be four different areas for adventure’n.  The Prirate’s Cove is FREE but the other areas of the island will cost ye a piece of eight. ($1.00)

So kick back and have one on me.  Enjoy the Mystic Hollow – Pirate’s Cove.  But don’t ye be let’n them Redcoats see ya haven too much fun.  They be a bit of a buzz kill.

This is where we should really talk about the app and each of the main cool features.


  • 4 stunning full-color backgrounds
  • 12 unique characters with 4 poses each (48 different characters)
  • 75 different props
  • 3 different pirate songs for each scene (12 pirate songs total)
  • save & email your scenes
  • interactive map of the island

Pirates Cove

Every day is a beauty on the docks of Pirate’s Cove.  With a gentle wind at yer back and the smell of the sea in your nose, what more could a salty ole Cap’n want?  With a name like Pirate’s Cove,  how could ye go wrong… yarrr.

The Bore’s Head

If buying a pint for me crew then the Bore’s Head might be the place for ye.  Ye might just find that even the Readcoats can be buckos over a keg of grog and a chantey.

 Coconut Beach

Although pirates are generally known as bilge rats and skallywags, even we have to have fun.  On Coconut beach we can be ourselves and let loose of the barnacle image of being pirates.

 Ship Battle

If ye be hankering for a fight ye may just find what yer look’n fer aboard me pirate ship, the Rolley Dodger.  Whether ye be fight’n with me or against me, makes no difference to me… but be ready for a for a fight when ye come aboard me ship.


This is where the blogs appear


Hi and thanks for your getting Mystic Hollow – Pirates Cove!

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Also, we’ll be updating Pirates Cove often, and we want to hear what you would like to see in future versions!